About Double Prizes

There's a scene on Toy Story where Woody and Buzz were looking for Andy at an arcade. While they were looking for a “spaceship”, they ended up inside a crane game full of adorable green, three-eyed aliens. (A crane game allows the player to use a claw to grab a stuffed toy from a pile.) Sid, the destructive neighbor boy, heads for the crane game and eventually claws Buzz up. Frantically, Woody grabs hold of Buzz's feet and both of them are dangling in the air to which Sid says, “Alright! Double Prizes!”

That name resonates with our “double” goals: (1) to help readers find giveaways and contests more easily, and (2) to help bloggers and companies spread the word about their blogs and products. And that is where the name came from :)

A Community-driven Online Blog Giveaway Directory

Double Prizes is a community-driven family-friendly blog giveaway directory. We are making it easy to find giveaways and contests posted by bloggers around the web. New giveaways are posted everyday by people like you. It's all free and no registration is required.

Why contests?

Giveaways and contests are great ways to connect bloggers and companies with readers and visitors. They create goodwill, excitement and sometimes buzz for you. And most of all, contests reward your readers. Although, there are other avenues in getting the word out such as Google Ads, or other advertising avenues, giveaways and contests have a place on the web if you use them effectively. We are here to help you improve the effectiveness of your giveaways and contests.

Contact Us

For press or public relations questions, please contact Gilbert Lee at gil@doubleprizes.com.

For anything else, email us at support@doubleprizes.com and we would be glad to answer your questions.